Wussest du, dass auch Inländer-Rum brennt?


Random thoughts and humble opinions.

Welcome to this blog. Its sole purpose is to provide a space for expressing opinions, experiences and reports in a general, mostly independent way. Therefore its posts are assigned to one of the following topics:
Posts found in doings are mostly concering projects and actually creating stuff. Those tagged as thoughts are usually rather subjective opinions. The remaining posts, which are labeled as experiences, describe mostly objective observations.
While the menus and other parts of the interface are labeled in english, that is not necessarily the case for blog posts. Sorry for that but translating every post to a couple of languages takes too long. You won't find functionality to comment here but if you have something to say about one of the posts, do not hesitate to contact the author. With a bit of luck your comment will be marked accoringly and appended to the article.
Now, enjoy these pages! :)

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