by Felix Schneider

About this site, about the author, and about what else relates to these two.

Expressing oneself seems to be a basic human desire. Everybody does it, everywhere. The Internet made it even easier to do so. A couple of clicks will get you a new blog, some account at some social network and on you can go seeking the attention of the globally connected community. This blog kind of follows the trend.

However, this wasn't the objective when these pages were build. In fact, I focused on the process of building a website and all the software around as well as getting it online from a private server. What you see here is just the result of my efforts.

So I have already been confronted with the opinion that static site generators are outdated and not comfortable to use nowadays. Well, it is however pretty easy to write one of those. Also, you can easily test it out without having to run some fancy webserver or even a database behind it. Furthermore, it is arguably faster to deploy than any dynamic website and will get you much less security troubles. I did not even mention that static sites are likly to dramatically outperform dynamically generated sites.

You might wonder why I didn't bombard you with loads of shiny images. I am aware it is the current trend. However, being privately hosted usually also means low uplink bandwidth. So I tried to get the most out of a clean website without images popping up everywhere. Also, you won't find any JavaScript devil here. I have seen far too many these days and belive me, it only gets worse on old hardware.

To sum things up a bit, enjoy these pages but keep in mind they already served their main purpose.

These pages are maintained by Felix Schneider. You can reach out to him at felix [dot] schneider [at] aon [dot] at. Feel free to do so if you have questions or feedback.